Your Questions Answered

Why do you insist so much on having a mobile ready website?

The reality is that mobile phone and tablet owners have recently become a new and constantly increasing group of Internet users. Traditional websites, however, cannot be viewed easily on these modern devices. If a website wasn't designed properly, it will simply loose visits from mobile or tablet owners and this can be a huge loss for a site owner.

I am happy to be your customer and your service works fine, but the end of the year is approaching and I haven’t used all of my technical support hours. I have paid for something I will not be able to use in time, isn’t it a wasted investment?

Please rest assured that it is not. All our clients will have their unused support minutes/hours automatically added to next year's support credits. If this year you haven't needed all 10 or 20 hours, you can still use what's left next year. And if you want to move to a different plan because you think you will need more or less than you have needed so far, it is also fully negotiable. Juest please let us know what your worries are and we'll look for the best solution.

I will need my website content translated into another language, do you have translators in your team? If yes, what languages do you cover?

Yes, we offer additional translating services in the following languages: English, Spanish, Polish and French. Other languages are available for the basic page layout and administrator tools. The four above listed languages, however, are available for any other translation you may need. Please contact us and we will be happy to answer your more detailed questions.

I think I will need something else than your Lizard or Tiger Plan, is Dragon Plan totally flexible or is it only for really big projects?

Dragon Plan is our 100% custom made option. It means it is suitable for bigger projects, but also for small individual entrepreneurial iniciatives. You can ask for 5 hours of technical support...or 50. Just contact us and we'll be happy to answer your questions and find an individual plan that best suits your needs.

10 or 20 hours of technical support per year doesn’t sound like really a lot, how are you planning to keep improving my website with so little time?

We based our offer on many previous experiences with different customers and even as apparently little as 6 hours of yearly technical support can be enough. Please keep in mind that our support hours are always divided into minutes and we only substract from your technical credits the time that was really used, there is no rounding up. Another important thing is that we only take into account time needed for programming and other strictly technical issues. All your emails and phone calls, every piece of advice you'll receive, are not considered part of support hours. Our philosophy is to give free advice and email help.

I already have a website but I’m interested in your hosting&support offer. Is it necessary to start from zero in order to be your client?

No, you don't necessarily have to make a website with us. If you already have one, you can choose the plan that is best for you and start with the monthly payment, skipping the part of web page design. You can also join us if your website is not mobile ready. We will take care of getting the right changes done, keeping you informed about each step of the process.

If this section didn't answer all your doubts, just get in touch with us. We are here for you and we will gladly reply to all your questions.