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Motorbike accessories mobile friendly online shop

Motos Juanjo a popular online store with motocycle accessories.

They have been our client for nearly 8 years. We crafted their first website and have been offering them regular help ever since.

Then last year we redesigned their website completely to make it mobile ready and compliant with modern technology demands.
They absolutely understand our philosophy of constantly growing websites and frequently ask us to change a detail or two and to keep their online store up-to-date, and we implement those changes immediately.

Because that's how we roll with our worry-free technical support!

We have worked together with TerneraSayaguesa to build a unique system on the Spanish market – a site selling veal of a very special cow breed.

Customized advanced website with specially made module for selling this unique veal online in reserve mode. We constantly maintain their website and take care of many details to make it better and up-to-date. This project also included our photography and translating services.

"It was a pleasure and a huge relief to work with OS Experts. They helped me with so many aspects I didn't have any idea about. I know I can count on them and ask questions whenever I'm in doubt." Julio - TerneraSayaguesa owner

We have helped Centra – one of the biggest Irish retail stores, create their e-learning and employees recuitment platform.

Now we take care of their yearly updates. Lately we enhanced this recruitment system with hire-for-attitude form to help them find the RIGHT new employees in a more efficient manner.

It has been a great pleasure for us to see them grow and we are happy that they feel confident to ask for advice whenever they need it.

Canguritos is a wonderful small company with great people behind the scenes.They were among the first Spanish online shops with babywearing accessories.

We are happy to have helped them move from a traditional website design to a mobile friendly layout so that their web page can now be seen in many different devices. We know their clients are grateful for these changes.

We have been cooperating with Canguritos ever since and gladly respond to all their emails. Our communication is smooth and enables us to implement regular updates.

Swiss online store with a wide offer of imported quality silver and stainless steel jewellery.

A few years ago they approached us while planning to start their business. We designed their website with many innovative feautres such as advanced product filters. We have been carrying out many regular updates for SILVER since then.

Right now SILVER is being redesigned again to meet the current standards and Internet users' newest needs. We hope they will keep growing and we'll be happy to help them at each stage of their growth.

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